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Proven Business Model

Depending on the market you can make six-figures. No kidding, no gimmicks. It is a proven business model. There is work involved. If you are willing to make face-to-face, business-to-business sales calls, you can follow our proven formula and make fantastic money. You can even build into a multi-sales person team depending on the market you are in. But that is a conversation for after we have helped you build into an operating magazine making six-figures for you and your family.

Identify your strengths

We have a test that will help determine where your fears lie and how to overcome them. Our test is a great way to determine if this is the right opportunity for you. Your results will show you if this is a good fit for you while it shows us how we can help you be successful. It will specifically outline your areas of challenge as well as your strengths and assets.

Think this may be the business for you?

The first step is to take the Call Reluctance Test. It will ascertain if you should look elsewhere or if you would be hugely successful in this business. This will depict your assets and opportunities. Before you make an investment in our business system you can uncover whether this is a fit for you and show us how to ensure you personally have the best opportunity to be successful.

Click here to take the Call Reluctance Test.

If you decide to move forward with our program the $250 fee will be credited toward the purchase of the program. This is an inexpensive way to determine if this is for you.

After your test we will schedule a time to discuss your results and determine if you would like to move forward with building your magazine business with our system!

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