Work from anywhere…

A mature woman working at home in the garden on her laptop.Work from Home?

Yes and No. 

This is a business based from your home office. However, the majority of the work is done “in the field”, talking with business owners in their places of business. You must be able to make calls from your car, assess your progress while in a coffee shop.

There is a secondary component that is usually done from the home office. Artwork is submitted during your off hours meaning anytime you aren’t actively calling on clients. There is also nominal administrative work to be done from home.

Think this may be the business for you?

The first step is to take the Call Reluctance Test. It will ascertain if you should look elsewhere or if you would be hugely successful in this business. This will depict your assets and opportunities. Before you make an investment in our business system you can uncover whether this is a fit for you and show us how to ensure you personally have the best opportunity to be successful.

Click here to take the Call Reluctance Test.

If you decide to move forward with our program the $250 fee will be credited toward the purchase of the program. This is an inexpensive way to determine if this is for you.

After your test we will schedule a time to discuss your results and determine if you would like to move forward with building your magazine business with our system!

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